Fence Mesh Banners

 Fence mesh banners are used on temporary fencing to improve the external look of a construction site, contain dust and debris, reduce wind, and provide site privacy. Additionally, it provides an opportunity to promote a message or a business freely to passer-byes. Fence mesh is also commonly used at festivals, fetes, markets, outdoor concerts and sporting events where organisers opt to gain extra use out of temporary fencing for such things as signage, branding, privacy or wind protection.

Fence mesh is available in either polyester mesh (also known as polymesh) or vinyl mesh (also known as PVC mesh).

Polyester mesh is made of knitted polyester and is known for being light weight as well as its ability to be handled, washed, and transported easily, making it perfect for events and other short-term outdoor or indoor usage. Colours print well onto polyester mesh and the result is a vibrant matte finish with the graphics also able to be viewed from behind. The downside is it’s not as long-lasting as vinyl mesh and will deteriorate quicker in direct sunlight.

Vinyl mesh is knitted polyester with an added PVC coating, making it fire retardant, UV stabilised, highly durable and suitable for longer-term outdoor use.

Custom Mesh Banners

In both substrates the perforated mesh allows air to flow through, limiting it from damage in strong wind conditions.

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Mimaki CJV300-160

Mimaki CJV300-160

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HP Scitex XP5500 Printer

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XL 1500 Solvent Printer

XL 1500 Solvent Printer

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