The Latest Trends In Digital Printing Technology

The printing industry has changed ever since it the technology made a major shift to digital about a decade ago.  With the modern digital printing technology trends are continuing to shape the industry, these rates of change have sped up fast and they are pushing the industry’s boundaries.  Digital printing technology trends have gone up as the market has extended to serve more specific niches while extensions such as the high-speed inkjet have made the industry a changed landscape from even a few short years ago.

What Have Been The Recent Trends in Digital Print Industry?

1. Better Finishing Options for Commercial Prints

Digital printing technology is heading towards greater specialisation when it comes to surface finishing.
This is expected to continue as the aim is to make commercial printing more effective from the angle of getting increased attention from potential end users. Digital printing technology is more focus on automating the whole printing process.

Things like automatic document feeders are becoming more and more common in printers, these days. Even additional optional modules are being offered to increase productivity and collaboration.

Experts in the digital printing industry are predicting even greater advancements in the field of finishing options, especially in the commercial printing segments. There has already been a considerable increase in the innovations when it comes to the marketing and packaging sectors.

2. Making the print more Eco- Friendly

As the world now has become more concerned about the global environment, there has been more focus on environmental friendliness and energy efficiency. This awareness has affected the printing industry as well and is affecting the future of printing technology too.

The real environment-friendly development from the angle of digital printing technology occurs with the use of environmental friendly ink and toner inside the cartridges.

The future of printing technology is heading towards more efficient use of the ink and toner. For instance, the compositions of the ink have changed over time to prevent the drying up in the cartridge. These compositions ensure that ink inside ink cartridges lasts longer while they still sealed inside the package or even installed in the printer.

They are also being made in a way to reduce power consumption and wastage, increasing output. Toner particles are getting smaller to create more defined images as well as reduce the power consumption of the printer. Smaller particles melt in the toner melts quicker, which means that less heat is required, which in turn reduces the power consumption.

3. 3D printers for manufacturing

All these times printing was always 2D. However, recently, a new application of digital printing technology has been created by turning 2D printing into three-dimensional printing.

A 3D printer does this by using some materials in place of ink or toner and by putting them together like a normal printer. A 3D printer put layers on top of each other till they start thickening up. As a result, a digital image of a physical item is converted into a real object.

The future of printing technology lies in 3D printing as well, which means the digital printing technology will develop more which will result in 3D printing becoming cheaper and considerably faster!!

4. Check out the technology

In the digital age, you can get files printed directly by just emailing that file to the company. Before choosing a digital printing Melbourne company, look for one that will allow you to email files or edit PDFs by yourself. These efforts may be able to save time if you have got a tight schedule. But also make sure that automated services come with complete a human assistance who can look out for potential printing problems and spell check your work.

As you can see, there is a lot of opportunities in wide format and industrial applications printing. For the niche markets, it’s all about seizing the opportunities that Digital printing companies are offering.

About us: Arlo+Coop is a full-service digital printing Melbourne company with an emphasis in commercial printing that specializes cardboard, retail, and outdoor printing. Utilising cutting-edge technology and a commitment to customer service, we partner with clients to develop cost-effective print designs that execute integrated brand campaigns and highly-targeted business communications.

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